The small penis and cock control

How can cock control– hand domination  help a small penis?

You know how they say some of the best gifts come in small packages? Well, in the case of the small penis— this is not the case.  Yeah, sure there are some guys that do a lot to over compensate for their little dicks.  I respect that.  They become skilled in the art of cunnilingus and want to take a woman to new heights with their tongue. I  find that hot. I love a man that knows how to handle a hot queening session with me.

So this post is not really about those that take what they have and make most out of it.  Today, I am writing for the more self-centered little pricks.

You know the guy with the small little penis that cums in no time.  You know the one pump chump? He  never even makes it anywhere near a pussy and is squirting all over the place.

Hand Domination, Phone Sex, Cock Control
Your hand domination Mistress Andi

This is for the guy that has a little penis and decides it’s easier just stroking then poking because he lacks discipline.

You need cock control. Hand domination is something that your little dick needs more so, then anybody because you have such an unruly appendage.

3 ways cock control–hand domination will help your small penis


1)  Cock control — hand domination will teach you to delay that orgasm. There are all kinds of things a small penis like yours needs to learn. Delaying that orgasm and not cumming so quickly, is one of the most important cock lessons a small penis will learn.

2) Cock Control– hand domination will give you discipline.  You need a masturbation diet and learn to focus not on that little trouble maker in your pants. You need to focus on your Mistress. She is the most important person in guiding you and teaching you about pleasure. The most important pleasure is hers. NOT YOURS.  If you are lucky to cum it’s at my discretion- not yours.

3)  Giving into the cock control– hand domination life style with your Mistress is a commitment that will ebb and flow.  It takes communication and trust to hand over (no pun intended)  that little penis and trust me with that little friend of yours.

I do enjoy hand dominating cocks of all sizes and little dicks are no exception!

I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind,

Miss Andi~