My erotic humiliation fantasy

Erotic humiliation Princess Andi style

While you are in the middle of a meeting for work. I send you this text, along with a picture of my pussy. The text reads:

My Pussy *IS* the center of your Universe. Don’t you ever forget that! XoXo Princess Andi

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Princess Andi is a sensual cock tease that loves erotic humilation.

Hard to concentrate after you just saw a picture of my young, tight pussy. Sweet and pink. You can still taste me on your lips. You did a very good job giving my pussy a goodbye kiss this morning. The text message I just sent, has you reeling. You were already having a hard time concentrating during the meeting.  Now this. You can’t stop thinking of me and  our queening session from this morning. Before, I let you go this morning. I showed you a new butt plug and gave you instructions on how I expect you to come home and put that new anal toy up your little man cunt.

Erotic Humiliation Assignment

Erotic humiliation, I love how your face redden with embarrassment, when I called your asshole a man cunt. I smile every time I think of how I made you blush, again. Don’t forget to do your writing assignment before you come home and write 20 times:

Princess Andi’s pussy is the center of my universe!

Can you imagine how hot things are going to get when you get home from work today?  I love sensually humiliating you.

To be continued, soon…

Princess Andi