Orgasm Denial–Earning Orgasms

Orgasm denial– teasing and edging that dick

Orgasm Denial is something I enjoy doing. I feel that there are many benefits in keep you from ejaculating any time you want. That is why you seek such a sexy and powerful Princess. Someone that understands that cock between your legs, better than you do.

I do enjoy taking that cock in my hands and making you leak. Feeling your cock, ache, hearing you plead for release. Edging your orgasm.  I just love that whiny surprised tone, a man gets,  when he realizes I am not joking!  I do mean it when I say,  ” No– you are not cumming!”  I will tease and tease and make that cock ooze with precum. Edge you over and over again. As, long as I  like– How much of my teasing do you feel that dick can handle before you feel like you will lose your mind?

I seem to have a natural knack on sensing when you just can’t take anymore and then I push a little bit further. 🙂 I enjoy keeping your balls blue. I also am thrilled when you cry out,”Princess I will do anything to cum!”

Earning an orgasm to stop orgasm denial.

When I hear you cry out that you will do anything to cum. Well, being the hot cock tease princess, that I am– I am smirking as I type this– just thinking about how many times I have heard those words. Hearing such declarations, from a sweet cock tease toy is a thrill for me. I get a special satisfaction– knowing that you are so horny that you are willing to do anything to get that much needed orgasm.  cock control, orgasm denial

Just remember– Don’t say anything you don’t mean– because when you tell me you are willing to do anything for an orgasm. Well, be prepared, to do, just about anything, I ask in order for you to cum.

What kind of things have you done in the past in order to please a Mistress and get an orgasm in return? I look forward to reading your comments and stay tuned for more on the subject this week.

Princess Andi