Happy Cocktober– pass the penis game.

Cocktober Pass the PenisHalloween is full of trick and treats around the Empire this Cocktober. Pass the penis is a masturbation game that is loved by many. Mistresses love it because– we love to share. Guys love it because it is very exciting for so many reasons to go from one sexy Mistress to another.

Pass the Penis is going to be a fun treat this Cocktober

October 19th to the 29th when you call in for a game of pass the penis- you have the option to pick a category instead of a Mistress and dispatch will then choose your Mistresses best suited to your category. 🙂 This is fun! It’s like trick or treating– you knock on a door and have no idea what kind of candy they are going to put in your bag! tee-hee. You just know that–whatever it is– it is going to be sooooooo good!

The available categories are:

~Supernatural Strapon ~anything from strap-on training to sucking, and all stages in between!

~Cockgobblin~anything you may enjoy which requires a cock or cum to be in or near your mouth

~Cuckoween Cave of Horrors~all shades of being cuckolded by the sexy women in your life

~Haunting Humiliation~whether you have a teeny peenie or you are just a loser in general, we will make sure to point it out to you!

~Femme Phantasm~anything about the feminine girly side of your personality, coerced or convinced, this is the treat for you

~Jack-Off-Lantern~this is for those of you who desire a mistress to instruct you in a special way to masturbate

~Treat & Trick~here is where you get the treat of being able to masturbate for us, maybe edge a few times- the trick is when we decide if you get to cum or not!

Of course, if you can not handle being passed around like a toy, you can enjoy a Gruesome Twosome Call~Two Mistress who are absolutely not gruesome at all, unless that’s your thing- then perhaps we can find a zombie goddess! Just let your dispatcher know if you are selecting from the wickedly wild menu of delight, or you prefer to select your mistress by name.

I hope you make this Cocktober an extra special sticky treat by playing this special version of pass the penis. I know I am looking forward to playing.

XoXo Happy Halloweenie! X0Xo

Princess Andi




Guided Masturbation for the smaller penis

Hello to all of you fans of hand domination,

Do you have a cock that are somewhat embarrassed about? Feeling like you don’t measure up? Now the title of this post might have some of you a little nervous thinking that– I am going to write about mocking little cocks, and  yes– I do enjoy my share of cock mockery; however, that is not what I am going to be writing about. I am going to write about exactly as I titled this post– guided masturbation for the smaller penis.

Teasing small little dicks with my hands


I enjoy giving hand jobs to cocks of all sizes and the other day I was teasing this little dick of about 3.5 inches hard. It was not a grower or a show-her.  Much to my amusement– I had fun using my index finger to tease and stroke this little excited penis.

Hand Domination, Phone Sex, Cock Control
Your hand domination Mistress Andi

And that is what I want you to do– just because you have a little cock doesn’t mean that you can just stroke to your own hearts content. You need a Mistress to help reel that horny dick in and teach that little boner some manners.   I know deep down in the very depth of your balls–you and your little pecker agree with me.

So– hand domination and guided masturbation is much needed with the littler dicks — just as much as the bigger ones.

Little Dicks Are so much fun to tease!

I like seeing a little dick twitch and throb with excitement and ache for release just as much as any other cock.  So, this is what I am going to do. I am going to have you tease and edge that little guy and use just one finger. What??? You say? Just one finger!!! Yes– you read right. I want you to play with your balls too.

I want you to do this for as long as you can without cumming.

Keep me posted because if you impress me with your efforts– I might just let you lean back and relax while I tease you some more in a phone sex session.

Happy Cock Stroking, hand humpers!

Miss Andi~


Masturbation Instruction from a BBW cocktease

joi princessEveryone loves getting masturbation instructions, right? Well, if not “everyone,” then at least pretty much every submissive guy ever. And naturally, a cock tease extraordinaire like yours truly just loves *giving* those masturbation instructions, too.

Change your Masturbation

I also like switching things up occasionally. See, most jerking-off involve different techniques for stroking your cock. And while I enjoy giving you those, I also know that variety is the spice of life (and similar cliches). That’s why, the next time you and I are on a guided masturbation call, we’re going to do things a little differently than we normally do.

How, you ask? Well, I’m thinking that we’re going to focus less on how you can stroke and more on how you can fuck yourself for me. Anal play adds another dimension to your usual jerking session, and extra dimensions usually make for more intense orgasms–assuming I let you have one, of course.

Follow My Lead

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got tons of experience with fucking yourself or if you’ve never done it before. I can adapt my masturbation instructions to suit basically anyone. But whether you’ve tried it before or not, I still bet that you’ve wondered before if you could cum just from prostate stimulation, haven’t you? Well, I guess you’re about to find out.

Honestly, some guys can, and some can’t. But if I decide to let you cum (which is definitely not a given here), I’ll do my best to help you experience an orgasm brought about by having your ass pounded!