Handjobs.  I love teasing a cock and if you have ever experienced a hand job from someone that likes to tease and edge you, you know what an awesome experience that can be.  I enjoy being a part of giving such awesome experiences.

I also enjoy food play. So, why wouldn’t I want to incorporate the two? With the spring festivities  upon us. I will have some leftover ham. hee-hee and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tie you to my bed. I would start with your arms and proceed to tie your legs. Then I will touch you and whisper naughty things in your ear. “Would you like  a ham job?”

I can just imagaine the look on your face when you hear me ask you that! A ham job?  I can’t help but giggle as I pull out a slice of leftover ham and wrap it around your cock!

This is going to be sooooo much fun!

Wanna play?

Hand job at the Holiday Table.

The nice thing about hand jobs are, most of the time, if you are careful enough, you can do them without anyone noticing. Do you find yourself turned on and embarrassed at the same time thinking about my hand wrapped around your hard dick at the holiday dinner table? Can you imagine? Here we are sitting at a long table with lots of familiar faces and your cloth napkin barely covering your erection as I tease you through your dress pants?  Conversations and the clatter of flatware against the special china keep everyone from hearing me unzip your pants as you try to eat a forkful of prime rib? I laugh as I watch your hands shake and your face redden as you feel my hand slip inside your pants and pull out your dick. MMM… Aw, whats the matter? I see little beads of sweat forming over your lip and that vein on the side of your neck is pulsating. I giggle as I can practically see and hear your heart thumping out of your chest.

My hand job feels so good and you can’t show it.

I know you’re embarrassed and turned on!  My hand on your dick has you rock hard. I giggle when someone asks you to pass the butter. I keep my hand on your dick as you cock drips precum all over my hand. I don’t miss a stroke as I reach for a sip of my wine and discreetly stroke your cock faster.  I can tell you want to cum. Now, here is the problem I face– do I let you cum? Do I ruin your orgasm? Or do I just watch you squirm and leave you with blue balls?  I do love these kinds of choices! Happy Holidays!

hand job tease Andi

Spanking you with my sexy hands is hot

There are many types of ways that I can dominate you with my hand and one sexy fun way is spanking you with them. Just imagine you over my knee being spanked…did you just get a boner? Some guys enjoy being spanked so much it is easy to dominate them because they just want a sexy hand on their ass!

Spanking fetish do you have one

Well simply put if you get a raging hard on from an ass slapping you probably have a bit of a spanking fetish. Some people think fetish means something bad but in reality it just means something you get sexual gratification from. Yes you might have a bit of an obsession about your  fetish but so what it is not hurting anyone….well except yourself that is *giggles*

It turns me on to spank you

To see you bent over and watch that ass of yours change every shade of pink to red from me spanking it is such a turn on for me. I know the harder I spank that ass the more turned on you get and the more turned on you get the hotter and yes even wetter I get.

Spanking your ass for your Mistress

Now I know I can not be there to do it in person but this is where we can get creative. You can spank that ass for me while on the phone all we need to do is prepare. You bring the spanking implements and I control the action. You will feel as though I was there working  that ass over with my pretty hand and having you melt to my wants and needs all for just one more spank.

Ready for your spanking

Are you ready to have my hand dominating your ass with a nice hot spanking session? Do you want to hear me get excited with each slap to that ass…well it is time to pick up the phone and let the spanking begin! Hey don’t forget reach out to me before a session so I can tell you what to bring to make our session hot and so you can spank that ass for me!

spanking Princess