JOI with Princess Andi

JOI for those that don’t know means jerkoff instructions. Do you know I love giving you jerkoff instructions. I enjoy telling you how to stroke your hard penis for me. It is a very big turn on, knowing that I am instructing you on how to stroke your dick for me.  You do like stroking your dick for me, right?

Super Horny JOI

Hearing my sweet and demanding voice, guiding you and your hand on how to touch that horny penis. I love how big your boner gets and hearing all those sexy noises you make as you are getting hornier and hornier for me.

I want you to bring lube and turn down the lights.  Go ahead and play some quiet jazz and give me a call. I am going to have fun telling you what to do and how to do it! This Princess is  full of sexy surprises when it comes to JOI.

I hope you can use both hands when you call! Hee-hee Prepared to have that cock teased purple as my instructions for jerking off your dick demands it that way!

Princess Andi your Jerk off instructor.

Anal Masturbation Exploring the Male G-Spot

Anal  Masturbation is a wonderful way to explore your sexuality. You don’t have to be gay to like anal play. I also want to emphasize that anal sex doesn’t have to hurt! I want you to expose and explore yourself for me.  Things you will need to have for an anal masturbation session are gloves and lube. Anal toys are good but not necessary for anal masturbation, unless you have them or are comfortable with using them. Trust me, I can show you how to masturbate your ass with just your fingers!

Relax! Anal Masturbation is HOT!

It’s okay to be nervous, but you really need to take deep breaths and relax. I suggest taking a nice long hot shower. Wash yourself really good and relax.  Once you are all relaxed and ready to play, get comfortable.

I want you to lay back and relax. Don’t forget to breathe. Go ahead put your gloves on and explore your anus. Don’t insert your finger yet. Just start with slow caresses and applying various pressure. Pay attention to how you feel. Anal stimulation is not something you want to rush. Not at first, especially for a beginner. Your anus is full of wonderful nerve endings and you are going to feel things, good things, intense feelings,  like you never felt before.  I want you to be prepared both emotionally and physically, because anal masturbation is often very intense.

When you are ready, lube up your finger! I want you to slowly push your finger in and breathe. Squeeze your anal muscles around your finger.  Let your finger explore inside your anal cavity.  Take your time and play with the front wall of the inside of your ass. Do a “come here” finger movement with your finger still inside you. Do you feel your prostate?  Your prostate will feel like a little sponge-y spot on the inside wall facing your cock and balls. You will feel it kind of swell up a little bit and your cock will start to leak. Don’t touch your cock and balls! Just explore and feel how good masturbating your ass can be.

Did you know that anal stimulation can not only lead to multiple orgasms, but can also  lead to a full body orgasm? Yes. If you want to experience a full body orgasm, I want to play with your ass.

anal masturbation, male g-spot, phone princess


3 things on my mind right now– BDSM Games

BDSM games are fun. At the moment, I have 3 things on my mind right now. Concerning BDSM I am sure you have figured it out by now– I am for all kinds of kinky BDSM games.  So, as your mistress. I just can’t stop thinking about these 3 things. Bondage,  Face-sitting, and edging your dick.

Bondage is  something I can’t stop thinking about.

I want to tie you spread eagle and restrain you to my queen sized bed. I do- I do. This will be  a blast using my restraints on you, while,  watching you wiggle and squirm. I would blind fold you but–then you would miss out on seeing my beautiful pussy! hee hee  Not that you are worthy of seeing my pussy but…

Facesitting is part of the plan.

I am going to sit on your face while you are tied up to my bed. Comfy? Good. I am going to take my pleasure while sitting on your face. How many orgasms do you think you could give me while I have you tied up to my bed? MMM… I do love to feel your mouth on my pussy!

Edging and teasing your cock!

No bdsm game would be complete without me giving you the ultimate handjob. I love watching and feeling your dick throb and twitch in my hand as I slowly pump your hard cock with my beautiful hand! I like to feel your tongue freeze up on my pussy as I am making your balls ache.

BDSM Games.

Like that doesn’t already sound like a spunktacular time. I want to play a sexy little game with you. I want to  see how many orgasms you can give me with your tongue. In return,  I will do my best to double that number in delaying your orgasm by edging your dick.

What a fun bdsm game! I look forward to stroking your cock and keeping you from cumming.  This is going to be a very hot time!

Are you up for playing?  I know I am!

Princess Andi

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Handjobs.  I love teasing a cock and if you have ever experienced a hand job from someone that likes to tease and edge you, you know what an awesome experience that can be.  I enjoy being a part of giving such awesome experiences.

I also enjoy food play. So, why wouldn’t I want to incorporate the two? With the spring festivities  upon us. I will have some leftover ham. hee-hee and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tie you to my bed. I would start with your arms and proceed to tie your legs. Then I will touch you and whisper naughty things in your ear. “Would you like  a ham job?”

I can just imagaine the look on your face when you hear me ask you that! A ham job?  I can’t help but giggle as I pull out a slice of leftover ham and wrap it around your cock!

This is going to be sooooo much fun!

Wanna play?

Hand job at the Holiday Table.

The nice thing about hand jobs are, most of the time, if you are careful enough, you can do them without anyone noticing. Do you find yourself turned on and embarrassed at the same time thinking about my hand wrapped around your hard dick at the holiday dinner table? Can you imagine? Here we are sitting at a long table with lots of familiar faces and your cloth napkin barely covering your erection as I tease you through your dress pants?  Conversations and the clatter of flatware against the special china keep everyone from hearing me unzip your pants as you try to eat a forkful of prime rib? I laugh as I watch your hands shake and your face redden as you feel my hand slip inside your pants and pull out your dick. MMM… Aw, whats the matter? I see little beads of sweat forming over your lip and that vein on the side of your neck is pulsating. I giggle as I can practically see and hear your heart thumping out of your chest.

My hand job feels so good and you can’t show it.

I know you’re embarrassed and turned on!  My hand on your dick has you rock hard. I giggle when someone asks you to pass the butter. I keep my hand on your dick as you cock drips precum all over my hand. I don’t miss a stroke as I reach for a sip of my wine and discreetly stroke your cock faster.  I can tell you want to cum. Now, here is the problem I face– do I let you cum? Do I ruin your orgasm? Or do I just watch you squirm and leave you with blue balls?  I do love these kinds of choices! Happy Holidays!

hand job tease Andi

cock control princess worship

Hand domination is much more then  me just telling you how to touch and caress your penis.  Hand domination is a form of cock control princess worship. There is nothing more flattering then a submissive man,  submitting with the desire to worship me. It is your desire to worship me that brings you to me.

Cock Control Princess worship

Is a form of masturbation and I love when a willing man is horny and wants to share in this intense pleasure with me.   I don’t have to be in the room for a hand domination session. Despite my not being in the room with you– just the mere thought of me stirs up all kinds of sexy and exciting feelings.  Your penis can’t help but harden wanting to worship me. My  young sexy body, my long legs, my beautiful full lips. There are so many things about me that excite you.

So many reasons for you to want to stroke that hard cock and worship me. So, you choose to pick up the phone (perhaps get on cam as well, to give me the pleasure of watching you  worship me, with each caress of that horny cock) and enjoy a worshipful stroking session— listening to my soft voice while my  words wash over you,  instructing you on how to caress that hard cock for me. Of course the longer you stroke that cock, the longer you get to worship me.

IF you get to cum for me

If I let you cum and make a worship puddle, then you no longer get to edge and show me how much you worship me– so, we both don’t want that! As much as I love to have you make that worship puddle,  I will keep you edging, I will keep you worshiping your beautiful and sexy Princess with each exciting caress to that hard and horny cock.  I love hearing you moan, as your hand moves up and down that erect cock.  As your hands do my bidding — as you pant with desire, as I whisper and encourage you to keep that cum all bottled up for me. This is designed  to show me how much you really  worship me.

edging your cock to show devotion

Are you willing to edge and hold off on cumming to prove your devotion to your cock control princess?  I get turned on, listening to you beg for release to show me how much  you want to make a worship puddle in honor of your cock control princess. As much as I enjoy the thought of you making a worship puddle. I thoroughly enjoy  edging that cock. Having you show me,  how much you worship me with each exciting  stroke up and down your hard shaft.

All of this is intense and very exciting. I love how that cock of yours is used as a form of cock control princess worship. How deep is your desire to worship me?

I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind,

Princess Andi

cock control princess


Your cock locked up for Valentine’s Day.

Cock locked up for me on Valentine’s Day

hand domination, cock control princess,This has turned out to be a very frustrating weekend for you hasn’t it pet?  You came home after a long business trip to find me naked in bed with your best friend. I told you– it was a matter of time.  You have always known that I am a self serving spoiled Princess and I look out for my pleasure above everyone else. Including yours.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you. It just means– I am greedy for what makes me feel good. But the thing is. When you tried to join in on the fun I was having without even asking first. I knew you needed to be taught a lesson. So, here is your lesson. I smiley sweetly as I hand you a box. Go ahead and open it. I had it made just for you. Remember, I measured you?  Well, here is the reason why– I had this chastity device made just for you.  Go ahead and put it on. I am locking you up this weekend.  Now that you are locked up. You can watch me and your friend but you can’t do anything but watch… well, you might get to enjoy clean up duty if you are a good locked up pet! Do you think you can be a good boy?

Happy Valentines Day!

Three Ways I Enjoy Ruined Orgasms

Ruined Orgasms by Princess AndiI enjoy all forms of cock control. It is no secret that I am a cock tease that enjoys tease and denial. I love giving masturbation instructions and all kinds of masturbation games. Many guys are surprised to learn how much I love ruined orgasms.

Why ruin an orgasm?

A ruined orgasm will keep you hungry. I like to tease guys that ruined orgasms are like Chinese food. In most cases, you will  be hungry again in 30 minutes. The real reason I enjoy ruined orgasms, and by ruined orgasms I mean ruining your orgasms, is doing this keeps you focused on ME. I love how horny you are for me, how more attentive you are. You are weak and puddy in my hands!

Three techniques I like to use on you to ruin orgasms.

  1. Abandoning: This is the very first technique I ever used to ruin an orgasm. I had no idea what a ruined orgasm was at the time of doing this. I was giving a guy a hand job in a semi public place and just as he was about to cum, I got startled because I thought someone walked in on us. I let go of his cock just seconds before he started to squirt.  Abandoning is exactly how it sounds. You stop all stimulation to the penis just as he starts to ejaculate. This is one of the easiest ways to ruin an orgasm.
  2.  Palming:  I like using this technique because it kind of keeps you guessing. What is palming? Well, it is when I take my hand and, as you are about to squirt, use my palm to “seal” over the tip of your cock head, pressing down over your cum-hole, keeping you from squirting.  The palm of my hand kind of hides your cock head and keeps you from seeing what is happening. An added frustration to you, or as I like to think, an added benefit to our hand domination scene.
  3. Thwacking: Now this ruined orgasm technique is especially devilish. I love using this technique with guys that are into CBT. What a delicious way to torment your cock!  Have no doubt, this technique will add to your frustration! Which, of course, makes me smile. This is how I enjoy implementing the thwacking technique. Just as your about to cum, I smack the very sensitive underside of your cock with quick, rapid slaps. Sometimes I use a wooden spoon. Most times I use my hand.  This slapping of your cock shocks it into not cumming. *evil grin*

Of  course, I may use other techniques to ruin your orgasm, and there are many. I wanted to mention 3 of the most common techniques I use with someone that is new to ruined orgasms.  If you are into cock control, a ruined orgasm is a must try experience.

Princess Andi


A hand job tease with panties.

I like being a hand job tease!

There  is something about giving you a hand job in the car that really turns me on. I really like, teasing you while I drive on a remote road, touching your leg, saying things to you like, “I am thinking your dick wants to come out and   hand domination, cock control princess,play–wouldn’t you like me to touch it for you?”

I pull off to a side road and park the car. After,  I cock tease you through your jeans a little bit.  I quickly sit up, so I can slide my pink silk lace panties down my sexy long legs. I slip them off and hold them close to your face. You eagerly breath in my scented panties.  How do you like the smell of me on my panties? I whisper in your ear:  “Like my panties?” I murmur,  go ahead and get your dick out for me and smell my panties.  I continue to hold them to your face and tease you with my panties, as you unzip your jeans.

When you pull your dick out. I slowly tease the head of your cock with one finger and then giggle.

I am going to give you a hand job with my panties.

You want to stroke  that dick for me don’t you? Your dick is rock hard. You nod your head yes.  I giggle because the way your head bobs up and down reminds me of the way your dick is bobbing up and down.

As, I smile and giggle. I quietly tell you, “You can’t touch it! I am the one that is going to play with your hard dick! I am going to give you a hand job with my sexy silky panties.  You do, want me  to pump your dick with my panties don’t you?”

My question to you is: “How many panty strokes will it take before you cum in my panties?”





Ball Crushing Princess Andi Enjoys CBT

Controlling that Cock with CBT

hand domination, cock control princess,I am very much into cock control. I have you come in to the room and strip down to your underwear. I then  place a blindfold on you and a collar. You follow me to the other room on your hands and knees.  Once in the other room, I have  you stand up.  I start to touch your body, asking you questions that make you blush. I like how your body responds to my touch. I quickly remove  your underwear and now you are completely naked in my presence.

I like taking your confessions but lately,  you have been holding out on me. You seem more reluctant to tell me what is on that kinky mind of yours. Tee-hee

I push you down on the bed and quickly restrain you.  By the time I am done with you there will be no more secretes! *evil grin*

I enjoy hearing you confess as I torment that dick.

I grab the Wharton Wheel and I  slowly use it on different parts of your body, just warming you up, so to speak, for what is yet to come! I love watching you wiggle and squirm but you had no idea that I bought an acrylic ball crusher, and I am going to use it.  I start to do just that. I flatten your balls, crush your balls. I whisper in your ear, “So sweetie, what dirty thoughts have you been having today?”

At first, you stammer and stumble to talk as I continue to torment your cock. I proceed to do CBT.  You start to freely confess and talk about all the dirty secrets and kinky thoughts you have been thinking about. As you continue to confess to me, according to my response to your naughty thoughts, I respond by crushing  your balls even more.

Oh, my you have been keeping some very dirty secrets haven’t you?