Anal  Masturbation is a wonderful way to explore your sexuality. You don’t have to be gay to like anal play. I also want to emphasize that anal sex doesn’t have to hurt! I want you to expose and explore yourself for me.  Things you will need to have for an anal masturbation session are gloves and lube. Anal toys are good but not necessary for anal masturbation, unless you have them or are comfortable with using them. Trust me, I can show you how to masturbate your ass with just your fingers!

Relax! Anal Masturbation is HOT!

It’s okay to be nervous, but you really need to take deep breaths and relax. I suggest taking a nice long hot shower. Wash yourself really good and relax.  Once you are all relaxed and ready to play, get comfortable.

I want you to lay back and relax. Don’t forget to breathe. Go ahead put your gloves on and explore your anus. Don’t insert your finger yet. Just start with slow caresses and applying various pressure. Pay attention to how you feel. Anal stimulation is not something you want to rush. Not at first, especially for a beginner. Your anus is full of wonderful nerve endings and you are going to feel things, good things, intense feelings,  like you never felt before.  I want you to be prepared both emotionally and physically, because anal masturbation is often very intense.

When you are ready, lube up your finger! I want you to slowly push your finger in and breathe. Squeeze your anal muscles around your finger.  Let your finger explore inside your anal cavity.  Take your time and play with the front wall of the inside of your ass. Do a “come here” finger movement with your finger still inside you. Do you feel your prostate?  Your prostate will feel like a little sponge-y spot on the inside wall facing your cock and balls. You will feel it kind of swell up a little bit and your cock will start to leak. Don’t touch your cock and balls! Just explore and feel how good masturbating your ass can be.

Did you know that anal stimulation can not only lead to multiple orgasms, but can also  lead to a full body orgasm? Yes. If you want to experience a full body orgasm, I want to play with your ass.

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