About Andi your femdom cock control princess

I  wonder as a Femdom cock control princess– is it possible to drive you slowly insane? Just by using my sensual and sweet voice to manipulate and control you? How long will it take me, to break you down and build you back up, to be my perfect stroke puppet?  Miss Andi

Hi there, I am Princess Andi,  I have a long time and deserving reputation as being a cock tease Princess– many people address me as Princess  and yet,  I also don’t mind being called Miss. I have 4 blogs all together and this is my first “shared” blog with the beautiful Miss Faythe. 🙂

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I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind.


Hand domination is a form of cock control. I find this very exciting when I use my sensual voice for guided masturbation and other types of bdsm play. I am very into teaching you the various ways to not only touch that cock of yours  of MINE but other erogenous zones to keep you on edge–orgasm denial, comes naturally to me. I do love anal play and am very patient with nervous first timers.  I am also very good at taking those experienced in anal play and making them feel like it’s their first time. *wink*  I am experienced with my strap on and instructing you on how to tease and delay that much wanted orgasm for my pleasure.

I really do love turning you into my stroke toy. I am a younger, quirky and playful Femdom Cock Control Princess that enjoys forming you into the perfect stroke pet.

I am wicked and smart and I  have no problem- keeping you in your place. If you are looking for a younger Mistress, one  that you can spoil and look up to, a sexy, younger, femdom cock control expert, to share a kinky and  meaningful connection with–  a Princess that will  take control of that dick– I am available for sexy texting, Skype and phone sex sessions. To find out the best times to reach out and make a connection with me here is my phone sex availability schedule, clicking on that link will take you to my main blog where my schedule is updated frequently.

Still not sure what hand domination is?

What is hand domination? Hand Domination according to the Dictionary of all things Princess Andi:  Hand Domination is much more then a hand job. It’s  Me crawling inside your head and mind fucking you as I use my hands to tease that cock. Not only, do I tease that cock, I take ownership of it, and do what ever I want– from anything and everything including ruined orgasms to demanded orgasms. And, you love submitting to me– so much so,  that you will use your own hands and listen to me guide you into submissive bliss as I control your cock on cam or off.  That’s Hand Domination,  Princess Andi style.


I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind.

Princess Andi~