cock control princess worship

Hand domination is much more then  me just telling you how to touch and caress your penis.  Hand domination is a form of cock control princess worship. There is nothing more flattering then a submissive man,  submitting with the desire to worship me. It is your desire to worship me that brings you to me.

Cock Control Princess worship

Is a form of masturbation and I love when a willing man is horny and wants to share in this intense pleasure with me.   I don’t have to be in the room for a hand domination session. Despite my not being in the room with you– just the mere thought of me stirs up all kinds of sexy and exciting feelings.  Your penis can’t help but harden wanting to worship me. My  young sexy body, my long legs, my beautiful full lips. There are so many things about me that excite you.

So many reasons for you to want to stroke that hard cock and worship me. So, you choose to pick up the phone (perhaps get on cam as well, to give me the pleasure of watching you  worship me, with each caress of that horny cock) and enjoy a worshipful stroking session— listening to my soft voice while my  words wash over you,  instructing you on how to caress that hard cock for me. Of course the longer you stroke that cock, the longer you get to worship me.

IF you get to cum for me

If I let you cum and make a worship puddle, then you no longer get to edge and show me how much you worship me– so, we both don’t want that! As much as I love to have you make that worship puddle,  I will keep you edging, I will keep you worshiping your beautiful and sexy Princess with each exciting caress to that hard and horny cock.  I love hearing you moan, as your hand moves up and down that erect cock.  As your hands do my bidding — as you pant with desire, as I whisper and encourage you to keep that cum all bottled up for me. This is designed  to show me how much you really  worship me.

edging your cock to show devotion

Are you willing to edge and hold off on cumming to prove your devotion to your cock control princess?  I get turned on, listening to you beg for release to show me how much  you want to make a worship puddle in honor of your cock control princess. As much as I enjoy the thought of you making a worship puddle. I thoroughly enjoy  edging that cock. Having you show me,  how much you worship me with each exciting  stroke up and down your hard shaft.

All of this is intense and very exciting. I love how that cock of yours is used as a form of cock control princess worship. How deep is your desire to worship me?

I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind,

Princess Andi

cock control princess