Your cock locked up for Valentine’s Day.

Cock locked up for me on Valentine’s Day

hand domination, cock control princess,This has turned out to be a very frustrating weekend for you hasn’t it pet?  You came home after a long business trip to find me naked in bed with your best friend. I told you– it was a matter of time.  You have always known that I am a self serving spoiled Princess and I look out for my pleasure above everyone else. Including yours.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you. It just means– I am greedy for what makes me feel good. But the thing is. When you tried to join in on the fun I was having without even asking first. I knew you needed to be taught a lesson. So, here is your lesson. I smiley sweetly as I hand you a box. Go ahead and open it. I had it made just for you. Remember, I measured you?  Well, here is the reason why– I had this chastity device made just for you.  Go ahead and put it on. I am locking you up this weekend.  Now that you are locked up. You can watch me and your friend but you can’t do anything but watch… well, you might get to enjoy clean up duty if you are a good locked up pet! Do you think you can be a good boy?

Happy Valentines Day!