Three Ways I Enjoy Ruined Orgasms

Ruined Orgasms by Princess AndiI enjoy all forms of cock control. It is no secret that I am a cock tease that enjoys tease and denial. I love giving masturbation instructions and all kinds of masturbation games. Many guys are surprised to learn how much I love ruined orgasms.

Why ruin an orgasm?

A ruined orgasm will keep you hungry. I like to tease guys that ruined orgasms are like Chinese food. In most cases, you will  be hungry again in 30 minutes. The real reason I enjoy ruined orgasms, and by ruined orgasms I mean ruining your orgasms, is doing this keeps you focused on ME. I love how horny you are for me, how more attentive you are. You are weak and puddy in my hands!

Three techniques I like to use on you to ruin orgasms.

  1. Abandoning: This is the very first technique I ever used to ruin an orgasm. I had no idea what a ruined orgasm was at the time of doing this. I was giving a guy a hand job in a semi public place and just as he was about to cum, I got startled because I thought someone walked in on us. I let go of his cock just seconds before he started to squirt.  Abandoning is exactly how it sounds. You stop all stimulation to the penis just as he starts to ejaculate. This is one of the easiest ways to ruin an orgasm.
  2.  Palming:  I like using this technique because it kind of keeps you guessing. What is palming? Well, it is when I take my hand and, as you are about to squirt, use my palm to “seal” over the tip of your cock head, pressing down over your cum-hole, keeping you from squirting.  The palm of my hand kind of hides your cock head and keeps you from seeing what is happening. An added frustration to you, or as I like to think, an added benefit to our hand domination scene.
  3. Thwacking: Now this ruined orgasm technique is especially devilish. I love using this technique with guys that are into CBT. What a delicious way to torment your cock!  Have no doubt, this technique will add to your frustration! Which, of course, makes me smile. This is how I enjoy implementing the thwacking technique. Just as your about to cum, I smack the very sensitive underside of your cock with quick, rapid slaps. Sometimes I use a wooden spoon. Most times I use my hand.  This slapping of your cock shocks it into not cumming. *evil grin*

Of  course, I may use other techniques to ruin your orgasm, and there are many. I wanted to mention 3 of the most common techniques I use with someone that is new to ruined orgasms.  If you are into cock control, a ruined orgasm is a must try experience.

Princess Andi


A hand job tease with panties.

I like being a hand job tease!

There  is something about giving you a hand job in the car that really turns me on. I really like, teasing you while I drive on a remote road, touching your leg, saying things to you like, “I am thinking your dick wants to come out and   hand domination, cock control princess,play–wouldn’t you like me to touch it for you?”

I pull off to a side road and park the car. After,  I cock tease you through your jeans a little bit.  I quickly sit up, so I can slide my pink silk lace panties down my sexy long legs. I slip them off and hold them close to your face. You eagerly breath in my scented panties.  How do you like the smell of me on my panties? I whisper in your ear:  “Like my panties?” I murmur,  go ahead and get your dick out for me and smell my panties.  I continue to hold them to your face and tease you with my panties, as you unzip your jeans.

When you pull your dick out. I slowly tease the head of your cock with one finger and then giggle.

I am going to give you a hand job with my panties.

You want to stroke  that dick for me don’t you? Your dick is rock hard. You nod your head yes.  I giggle because the way your head bobs up and down reminds me of the way your dick is bobbing up and down.

As, I smile and giggle. I quietly tell you, “You can’t touch it! I am the one that is going to play with your hard dick! I am going to give you a hand job with my sexy silky panties.  You do, want me  to pump your dick with my panties don’t you?”

My question to you is: “How many panty strokes will it take before you cum in my panties?”