Ball Crushing Princess Andi Enjoys CBT

Controlling that Cock with CBT

hand domination, cock control princess,I am very much into cock control. I have you come in to the room and strip down to your underwear. I then  place a blindfold on you and a collar. You follow me to the other room on your hands and knees.  Once in the other room, I have  you stand up.  I start to touch your body, asking you questions that make you blush. I like how your body responds to my touch. I quickly remove  your underwear and now you are completely naked in my presence.

I like taking your confessions but lately,  you have been holding out on me. You seem more reluctant to tell me what is on that kinky mind of yours. Tee-hee

I push you down on the bed and quickly restrain you.  By the time I am done with you there will be no more secretes! *evil grin*

I enjoy hearing you confess as I torment that dick.

I grab the Wharton Wheel and I  slowly use it on different parts of your body, just warming you up, so to speak, for what is yet to come! I love watching you wiggle and squirm but you had no idea that I bought an acrylic ball crusher, and I am going to use it.  I start to do just that. I flatten your balls, crush your balls. I whisper in your ear, “So sweetie, what dirty thoughts have you been having today?”

At first, you stammer and stumble to talk as I continue to torment your cock. I proceed to do CBT.  You start to freely confess and talk about all the dirty secrets and kinky thoughts you have been thinking about. As you continue to confess to me, according to my response to your naughty thoughts, I respond by crushing  your balls even more.

Oh, my you have been keeping some very dirty secrets haven’t you?





Ruined Orgasms

Ms. Andi loves ruined orgasms!

Ruined orgasms are very hot!

I had the pleasure of teaching a new caller how to ruin his orgasm. He loves cock control and guided masturbation. He enjoys ruined orgasms on a regular basis but had only experienced a ruined orgasm one way.  I was able to teach him another way to ruin his orgasm. This always thrills me. I love teaching a guy a new way to edge his dick, a new to him cock stroking technique and all kinds of sexy fun ways to feel good.

Not that a ruined orgasm initially feels good, but it’s that feeling you have in your balls. How you are still horny and achy after you are done. This feeling for many guys makes that initial frustration well worth it.

Ruined orgasms are a sexy form of cock control.

The best thing about this whole experience, with this particular guy, is that I got to watch him on cam. That made the whole cock control session hotter for both of us. It got pretty intense last night. I loved seeing how his big frustrated dick turned a deep shade of purple with frustration.  Listening to him plead with me for an orgasm and having him taste his precum for me. He even tasted what little cum did dribble out of his frustrated cock. At this point he was willing to do anything I wanted him to.  We both hung up very happy!


I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind,

Princess Andi