The haunted dildo turns you into a hard core stroke puppet

Well hello there  fans of  masturbation and all kinds of kinky goodness.  This is part of my cocktober erotic stories The haunted dildo.  For more information and to keep up with the entire series click on the first installment The Haunted Dildo .  Enjoy!

You want to be a stroke puppet for Princess.

cock control, orgasm denialThe thought of being a stroke puppet gets you rock hard. You love showing off and submitting to a leggy  blonde.

The thought of being used and exploited for your favorite phone princess – you are hooked!  The thing is, you haven’t had the balls to really to turn yourself over fully to your hot phone princess.  Something is holding you back. You love getting naked for me on cam. You love guided masturbation and doing all the things she instructs you to do.  You even love cleaning up your worship puddle like a good stroke puppet and eating it all up for me on cam.

The thing is you have this secret fantasy. You are just too embarrassed to admit it.

Sensual hand domination with your phone princess

Your phone princess senses you are holding back on her.  She suggests adding a sexy toy, perhaps a dildo to your next phone session. You are not really keen on the idea but my enthusiasm and the promise that this will be a good thing encourages you.  It will really enhance our sensual play.  You can’t help but smile and agree.  You later email me and share your new find.  You just bought an old dildo at a going-out-of-business sale at an old adult bookstore.  You said it practically fell into your hands and it felt like you were holding your own cock when you touched it.  You can’t wait to get on cam for me!

You have no idea that this new dildo is about to change your life and make all of your masturbation dreams cum true.  Hand domination will never be the same.

I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind,

Princess Andi


Happy Cocktober– pass the penis game.

Cocktober Pass the PenisHalloween is full of trick and treats around the Empire this Cocktober. Pass the penis is a masturbation game that is loved by many. Mistresses love it because– we love to share. Guys love it because it is very exciting for so many reasons to go from one sexy Mistress to another.

Pass the Penis is going to be a fun treat this Cocktober

October 19th to the 29th when you call in for a game of pass the penis- you have the option to pick a category instead of a Mistress and dispatch will then choose your Mistresses best suited to your category. 🙂 This is fun! It’s like trick or treating– you knock on a door and have no idea what kind of candy they are going to put in your bag! tee-hee. You just know that–whatever it is– it is going to be sooooooo good!

The available categories are:

~Supernatural Strapon ~anything from strap-on training to sucking, and all stages in between!

~Cockgobblin~anything you may enjoy which requires a cock or cum to be in or near your mouth

~Cuckoween Cave of Horrors~all shades of being cuckolded by the sexy women in your life

~Haunting Humiliation~whether you have a teeny peenie or you are just a loser in general, we will make sure to point it out to you!

~Femme Phantasm~anything about the feminine girly side of your personality, coerced or convinced, this is the treat for you

~Jack-Off-Lantern~this is for those of you who desire a mistress to instruct you in a special way to masturbate

~Treat & Trick~here is where you get the treat of being able to masturbate for us, maybe edge a few times- the trick is when we decide if you get to cum or not!

Of course, if you can not handle being passed around like a toy, you can enjoy a Gruesome Twosome Call~Two Mistress who are absolutely not gruesome at all, unless that’s your thing- then perhaps we can find a zombie goddess! Just let your dispatcher know if you are selecting from the wickedly wild menu of delight, or you prefer to select your mistress by name.

I hope you make this Cocktober an extra special sticky treat by playing this special version of pass the penis. I know I am looking forward to playing.

XoXo Happy Halloweenie! X0Xo

Princess Andi




Princess Kellie Controls your cock.

Princess Kellie Controls you!

Princess Kellie
Princess Kellie

“Your cock is MINE now“ – I must admit that when Ms. Andi and Ms. Faythe asked me to do a guest blog here, I was thrilled. I love domination and cock control, and Hand Domination seemed perfect for me! Have you ever just felt your sexual appetite kick right into gear? It is amazing.

So let’s talk cock control. In the kink world, there is so much, and I mean so many fetishes. But controlling a man’s cock, feeling that surrender of a power exchange, and knowing that I have control to ruin or deny him gets my head all spinny and sexy.

It is simple really. I stop or say NO, and that’s it. No orgasm. I have the control, and the power. I find myself so drawn to that the more and more I do it.

Guided Masturbation

Personally, I love to tell a man how to stroke, when to stroke, and I can really get into micromanaging a masturbation KellieFacesession.

I LISTEN really well. If I hear a gasp from a man, I make him do it again and again. I listen to breathing too, and that helps me to guide a man and slow him down when necessary (often!).

I especially love teaching an older man something new, maybe a place he never touched or some technique he never heard of. If and only if I let a man have an orgasm, I want his mind blown so all he can think of for his next orgasm is Princess!

Tease and Denial

Denial. That is a powerful word. DENIED. Yes, think of it.

I enjoy being a Princess cock tease so much. When I deny a man, yes I get really aroused. My nipples get hard, and I get horny. The power does that to me.

And I can deny a man nicely or in a much more mean way. Up to each individual really, but the end result is the same.




I can do that easily and effortlessly, and I can be seriously or laugh wickedly. This denial can go a step further to Kellie Signaturechastity, so always keep that in mind and wonder what your wicked Princess Kellie is thinking!

I am interested in knowing your favorite cock control methods are, so leave me a comment. Also visit my Erotic Denial Blog and subscribe to it too!

I want everyone to know about me, and I want to know about everyone!