My erotic humiliation fantasy

Erotic humiliation Princess Andi style

While you are in the middle of a meeting for work. I send you this text, along with a picture of my pussy. The text reads:

My Pussy *IS* the center of your Universe. Don’t you ever forget that! XoXo Princess Andi

sensual mistress, cock tease princess, erotic humilation
Princess Andi is a sensual cock tease that loves erotic humilation.

Hard to concentrate after you just saw a picture of my young, tight pussy. Sweet and pink. You can still taste me on your lips. You did a very good job giving my pussy a goodbye kiss this morning. The text message I just sent, has you reeling. You were already having a hard time concentrating during the meeting.  Now this. You can’t stop thinking of me and  our queening session from this morning. Before, I let you go this morning. I showed you a new butt plug and gave you instructions on how I expect you to come home and put that new anal toy up your little man cunt.

Erotic Humiliation Assignment

Erotic humiliation, I love how your face redden with embarrassment, when I called your asshole a man cunt. I smile every time I think of how I made you blush, again. Don’t forget to do your writing assignment before you come home and write 20 times:

Princess Andi’s pussy is the center of my universe!

Can you imagine how hot things are going to get when you get home from work today?  I love sensually humiliating you.

To be continued, soon…

Princess Andi


Orgasm Denial 3 ways to keep your promise that you won’t cum.

cock control, orgasm denialOrgasm Denial and keeping your promise

I love delaying your orgasm. You promised ME, you won’t cum– you told me over and over, “Princess,  I won’t cum without permission. I will stay all bottled up for you.”   I am choosing to believe that you are going to keep your promise to me. So here are 3 of the ways I have come up with making sure you are not going to have an orgasm.

See, I know not every one of you can go out and buy a chastity device. I know that many of you wish that you could and  are unable to risk having your chastity device found. Sometimes you are not sure and don’t want to spend the money on a device before testing the waters. I don’t blame you. That would be one expensive paper weight. *wink*

So, just because you can’t experience wearing a chastity device at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t experience male chastity with  your Princess.

3 ways to keep your orgasm denial promise

Here are 3 things you can do to keep your promise to me and keep those cummies all bottled up for me.

1) Refrain from porn. No watching anything that will excite you. I know that is hard to do but what is more important?  Porn or pleasing your Princess? Of course I am more important!

2) Distract yourself. Do things that get your mind off of those swollen balls.   Take a cold shower. Keep ice around and ice your balls down when you feel like things are getting to be to much. You can also go ahead and contact me. I love hearing how things are going for you.

3) Layer your clothes. Where sweats under your jeans or a few pairs of boxers. If you need to masturbate and I give you the go ahead (which usually includes a no cumming clause) Then  you need to masturbate through your clothes, the more layers the less likely you are going to have an accident. Better yet, hands free masturbation is a plus,  I also recommend humping things and leave your hands free and away from your cock.

These are just 3 of the ways you can keep your promise to me, what other things have you done to keep your self from having an orgasm?

Princess Andi



Orgasm Denial–Earning Orgasms

Orgasm denial– teasing and edging that dick

Orgasm Denial is something I enjoy doing. I feel that there are many benefits in keep you from ejaculating any time you want. That is why you seek such a sexy and powerful Princess. Someone that understands that cock between your legs, better than you do.

I do enjoy taking that cock in my hands and making you leak. Feeling your cock, ache, hearing you plead for release. Edging your orgasm.  I just love that whiny surprised tone, a man gets,  when he realizes I am not joking!  I do mean it when I say,  ” No– you are not cumming!”  I will tease and tease and make that cock ooze with precum. Edge you over and over again. As, long as I  like– How much of my teasing do you feel that dick can handle before you feel like you will lose your mind?

I seem to have a natural knack on sensing when you just can’t take anymore and then I push a little bit further. 🙂 I enjoy keeping your balls blue. I also am thrilled when you cry out,”Princess I will do anything to cum!”

Earning an orgasm to stop orgasm denial.

When I hear you cry out that you will do anything to cum. Well, being the hot cock tease princess, that I am– I am smirking as I type this– just thinking about how many times I have heard those words. Hearing such declarations, from a sweet cock tease toy is a thrill for me. I get a special satisfaction– knowing that you are so horny that you are willing to do anything to get that much needed orgasm.  cock control, orgasm denial

Just remember– Don’t say anything you don’t mean– because when you tell me you are willing to do anything for an orgasm. Well, be prepared, to do, just about anything, I ask in order for you to cum.

What kind of things have you done in the past in order to please a Mistress and get an orgasm in return? I look forward to reading your comments and stay tuned for more on the subject this week.

Princess Andi