Slow cock edging hand job: can you handle it?

My skillful hands knowingly tease you, slow orgasm cock edging you– a hand job to remember!

Have you ever wondered what its like to have someone sexy tell you to relax– I got this! I do you know? I’ve got this. I am here to lovingly torment your dick in the best way possible! I will slowly undress you, massage you as I go along taking off one garment at a time. Whispering in your ear. Whispering the naughtiest, the dirtiest things in your ear. Describing every incredible thing I have in store for you.

How hot does that sound? I don’t know about you, but I say fucking hot! I love playing with your cock. This is one instance your dick size doesn’t matter. What??? You ask. I just love how your hard dick feels. I love feeling the energy of your excited dick in the palm of my hand and I am going to take my time with it. Slowly edging you. Slowly driving you crazy, making you want more as I keep prolonging your orgasm by edging.

slow hand job cock tease Miss Andi
slow hand job cock tease Miss Andi

A hand job is princess prerogative and I slowly edge that orgasm.

I love watching how you look at me with such adoration in your eyes. I know my skillful hands are knowingly, taking you to to such pleasurable heights. Some say a woman can’t give a teasing hand job as well as a guy can. I know I just blew that myth out of the water and I am not nearly done.

I love how you surrender to me. I am going to keep you on edge and when I do let you cum– correction, that is if I let you cum, You are going to have the most amazing orgasm you have ever had.

During an delayed orgasm cock edging session that dick is like putty in my hands, (notice how I didn’t call it your dick?) There is a reason for that. *smiles*

If you like slow sensual hand jobs with lots of orgasm edging, call me.


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